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Hey everyone life goes on...............

i am sad

i am in a bad relationship

I am getting office fever at my job....

I need friends :(
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I think I am afraid
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the world i just realize i live in sucks sucks sucks.... it is great to find out from the ppersons mouth that they have just been using me..... fuck them then.... fuck love, fuck trying.... Time to be Mr. NOT so NICE GUY....
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I am still alive if anyone reads.... lol... it has been awhile... I am in Virginia Beach currently but not for much longer... I will be traveling on :0 what a surprise... I have some really good recent writings I will post today if I get time at work... I have been dreaming a lot lately... which is refreshing.... I had a recent break-up... which is going kinda rocky... I am happy about life. Revived by what is to come... And I still love you... see you soon I hope for the first time
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getting relocated just found out... well indirectly found out my boss is trying to get me office space set up permantly in Norfolk VA.... another ride on the rodeo i guess... moving constantly through out life i think is finally taking a toll on me...

dont think anyone reads this anymore but yeah in case someone still might or might one day they will know

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confused confused
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when i type words arrange
in a way of a maze
look with in
find my dismay
deep in twined
within a rhyme
i have something
I yearn to say
yet unable
to express
directly lain
prose my way
to brighter days
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hi to people who still remeber me .... and still look to see if i post i will i promise but life is been working me to death but i am great and in a great position and love you all and i am still writing not as hopeless romanticly.... more as an insperational visionary.... lol whatever that is... right., it is just more upbeat and uplifting will post soon or call / email i will send if you want brian@misnc.com
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Hello everyone, if anyone reads this anymore... Life is good, I cant complain. I travel for a living... Have a great job. Finally for the first time saving money instead of spending it all... I am going to be look to buy a house prob. here in the next 4-6 monthes... however my company is hinting they might move me to Norfolk to run the new office that is hopefully comeing soon... I think i will like Norfolk/Virgina Beach area... I just wish the company i work for would let me know something... but its all good... here is a couple of recent pis of me.........

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I'm never sure what i will write.
I just let the paper feel the pen.
The words seem to flow so naturally.
Never slowing from begining to end.

I wish i had this way with words.
I wish i could say what i felt.
I wish i could express my self with confidence.
i wish my courage would never melt.

I'm finding this all funny you know.
The way things are suddenly falling down.
I can't even stand up for my lame self.
As i well know pens do not make a sound.

I am the one at fault for all.
If it helps i will take the blame.
I will never go back to how i was before.
I can never again be the same.

Thoughts fly away as fast as they come.
I'm left with nothing, but feeling numb.
How could i have left myself in this situation.
They say it should end as it begun.

I'm never sure what i will write.
I just let the paper feel the pen.
The words seem to flow so naturally.
never slowing from begining to end.......
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Hey everybody been a while.... I moved once again.... i am back in NC this time in Salisbury which is not to far from Charolette or Greensboro... Me and My cat are doing fine... I work at outback steakhouse as a waiter, I make really good money and i am a volunteer Fireman and going to school soon so that i can be a full paid fireman .... the state is paying for it because i am a volunteer.... how is everyone? I have been writing again lately... and painting a bunch.... Oh and a good book to read that i read is A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.... i am reading his second book My Friend Lenord and so far it is even better....

It only takes a heartbeat
to say, “I care for you”
To unfold your arms
and reach for hands
that need and hunger two
It only takes a moment
to see beyond your space
To gaze up at the universe,
or stare in a flower’s face
It only takes a willing heart
to share yourself with me
For when you do
your self means less
and the best of life
twill be

new email address is TimelessDelirium@yahoo.com
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